Modern Baby Sweater Crochet Along – Day 2

This past weekend on the schedule was to pick yarn of choice and check gauge, if you missed that post you can see it hereCrochet Tip: Take your time and read through the section you are working before making the section, there are a lot of different pieces to make, but once it comes together it is going to be fabulous! First on the schedule is the waist! I completed the waist and now I am snuggled up with my blanket, project bag and ready to begin the right front and sleeve.This pattern is very quick and addicting to make, it didn’t take me very long to complete the right front and sleeve. Well that’s it for today, it’s not to late to join in on the fun! Here is a link to grab the pattern!  Crochet Along Schedule:9/15 – 9/17: Grab your supplies and check your gauge9/18: Waist and Right Front and Sleeve9/19: Back and Left Front and Sleeve9/19: Cuff and Skirt9/20: Right and Left Bands and Collar9/21: Band, Tassel, Back Strip and Fuzzy Dot (Optional)9/22: Hat (Optional) You can work at your own pace but this is the schedule that I will be working and sharing my progress with you here, Facebook and Instagram! Don’t forget to share your project photos too!  See you tomorrow for the back and left front and sleeve!                                               ~Ashley   

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