Get Hooked with Ashley Podcast, Episode 2 – Some of My Favorite Things

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Get Hooked with Ashley Podcast, Some of My Favorite Things because today is my Birthday!

Today is my birthday and when I was planning for today’s episode, I thought what would be better than sharing some of my favorite things with you.  Crocheting is so much fun, not just playing with yarn and making something beautiful but all the goodies that come along with crocheting!  Are you ready to look at some of my favorite things?

First on the list are mugs from Pawley Studios.  These are just a must, because I mean, HELLO, they are just fabulous! I use mine for crochet hook and knitting needle organization but I am thinking I need to add a custom one for my tea! Do you have a Pawley Studios mug?


Second on the list are project bags!  I believe in project organization and I also believe in keeping it fun and what is more fun than a llama project bag!  This fun project bag is from CrochetOneKnit2 and it is my new sock project bag, it is just big enough a skein of yarn, crochet hook, notion pouch, two socks and more!  How many project bags do you have?

When you have a project bag, you have to fill it with yarn right? Well, my go to hand dyed yarn is any yarn from Arkansas Yarn Co.  Since I have developed a huge love for sock making, I had to use Lorri’s yarn for the designs. Here is a sneak peak at the shade you will see the February Get Hooked on Socks made with, isn’t it beautiful!  Lorri has amazing quality hand dyed yarn and she is known for her yarn that has a little sparkle. Have you worked with hand dyed yarn before?

Have you tried Furls crochet hooks yet?  Furls have become my new favorite go to crochet hooks!  When I sit down to crochet, sometimes I can crochet for hours and when I first started crocheting I would develop hand cramps and I discovered that if I used a crochet with a thicker handle my pain would significantly decrease. Then I tried Furls and these were a little thicker than the bamboo and it made even more of a difference.

A must have notion in your notions bag are stitch markers and look at these adorable stitch markers that Maria of Charmed Hooks & Crafts made me for me to match my logo!  Stitch markers are great to have on hand, especially when you are working a project where you are working in continuous rounds and you don’t want to forget where that first stitch was. How many stitch markers do you own? 

When I started designing socks, I knew I needed to find adorable sock blockers but I didn’t want any plastic sock blockers and I came across Knitting Left on Etsy and fell in love with her sock blockers!  MG of Knitting Left is super sweet and makes adorable sock blockers like these Sheep Sock Blockers which are a grand prize for the Get Hooked on Socks Crochet Along!  You can also have custom made sock blockers made, which I may just need to see about getting some butterfly ones made!

Last on my favorites list, but not least as it has become my best friend these past few months, is my Boye Electric Yarn Winder!  Yarn winders help keep your yarn organized, whether you have left over yarn from a project or a hank of yarn that needs to be wound up. Do you have a yarn winder?

Thank you so much for checking out my favorite things list, there are a lot more that I will show you next time!  So, until next time, grab your yarn, your hooks and Get Hooked!


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